What they are saying

Donna Jonas is an exceptional coach for me as I plan my eventual transition from one career to another. She is knowledgeable, supportive, innovative, curious and a great listener. Before our first session, I completed an extensive questionnaire which helped her to identify the key areas that I needed to work on. I have been very pleased with the outcome of my sessions with Donna. She is a complete professional and a delight to work with. I highly recommend Donna Jonas to anyone serious about making positive and profound changes or transitions in their lives.

Amiso M. George, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA

Associate Professor of Strategic Communication Texas Christian University Fort Worth, Texas

I have known Donna personally for more than a decade. I approached her recently in her professional capacity because I was feeling stuck in several different areas of my life.

Donna has been helping me get past being stuck by helping me identify the lies I have been telling myself. She has pushed me gently into taking several steps out of my comfort zone. In addition, she has shown me strategies for continuing to move forward even when I am experiencing fear.

Donna is personable, objective, and professional. If you are feeling stuck in life, she can help you become unstuck.

Tracy Granier

Worcester, MA

A “coach” was the last thing I thought I needed.

I’ve spent years enjoying a successful career in a profession I still find stimulating. But after more than three decades, I found myself looking for work when most people were planning for retirement. Donna was a trusted voice at the right time that asked the right questions.

Her gentle probing helped open my core concerns but most importantly encouraged me to be confident with bringing my authentic self to upcoming interviews.  The results were two excellent interviews and an offer from an outstanding employer.  I’m involved in challenging work where my skills are valued.

Thank you, Donna, for that insight, your expertise, and encouragement when I needed it most.

Anita Ford Saunders, APR

Director of Advancement Communications Trinity College Hartford, CT

Donna created a safe space for me to explore my innermost thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Our coaching session allowed me to delve deeply into insecurities and challenges that were holding me back. These things weren’t pleasant or fun to explore however, Donna never made me feel judged or ashamed. She’s like your very own fairy Godmother with a touch of toughness and every ounce of encouragement that was needed to face my fears. about some of the things I didn’t want to admit about myself. With style and grace and humor,

She celebrated every victory whether large or small ultimately helping me to understand I could do anything I set my heart and mind to. Donna’s ability to see me when all I wanted to do was hide was what was needed and wanted to help elevate my-life to the next level. Words cannot express the amount of gratitude that is in my heart for Coach Donna.

Deloris Dudley

New York, NY